Perfect Party for Your Kids.

UX/UI, Visual Design
Sketch, Adobe CS
Feb 2017 - Feb 2019

Project Description
Perfect Party for Your Kids: 
For parents of young children, planning a birthday party is an intense and often painful process. On the Kidian App, parents can quickly and easily browse and compare party vendors, view pictures, videos and reviews, and make reservations all in one place (similar to an OpenTable, but for children’s parties). 
It's the perfect party for your kids. Guaranteed

User personas
All-in-one party planning
Target users were parents who reside in metro Atlanta area. We interviewed and observed potential users, the parents, with children in elementary school. Some of the questions we asked were: 1) how many parties do you host for your child/children per year?, 2) how many parties is your child invited to?, 3) what is your process of birthday party planning for your child?/have you ever hired a party planner?, 4) what kind of  parties do you prefer as a parent and what do your children like?. For a better understanding of different parenting lifestyle  according their occupation, working, stay-home, or freelancer parents, age group, and number of children they had, I created personas of "Anne" and "Sam" 

User flow & wireframe
Get parents to book with Kidian
The ultimate business goal of Kidian was to have users book a party via their app.  'Explore' page was chosen as the home screen so that the users browse through and be attracted to party ideas. From the home screen, users can choose > book a party in simple two steps (or search > choose > book) . Other features (chat, saved, setting, invitation, promotion, reservations) were placed in the sidebar menu.
User Interface
Find & Book
Party planning involves a long to-do list; from venue, entertainment, catering, cake, decoration to creating invitation. Since the main purpose was to book, we benchmarked hotel & restaurant reservation apps and to add-on to the party (such as cake, decoration), cart page of e-commerce sites. 


2017 v1.0/beta Mockup

2017 v1.0/beta

usability testing & User Analytics
Reduce exit rate
Since the product launched in 2017, we participated in local festivals to advertise and conduct usability testing. After carefully studying our observation and user journeys (with Google Analytics),  a new version of Kidian was designed to reduce the exit rate before making a purchase. The pages in the sidebar menu was recategorized into profile, announcement bar and menu. The cart page's UI was redesigned to give users clearer direction towards purchasing point, and to give the app more up-to-date and modern look.

2019 v2.0
Share your party with others
I also created Kidian's marketing collaterals, including app store slides, flyers, banners, packaging, and facebook/instagram story cards.  In-app invitation card and promo code shares were added to the app for existing users to engage more and invite other users to the app. 
Instagram Story Advertisement

Send Invitation 2017
Banner Design - Photoshop
Style Guide & Branding
Parent friendly + children vibe
Although the users of Kidian are parents, the purpose of using this app is for their children. To satisfy both app's purpose and the users, bright colors and modern font & icons were used. 

* Kidian has paused their service since covid19 
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